Live from Dublin Castle: 'Acis & Galatea' at Dublin HandelFest 2021


August 20th, 19.30pm | Handel 'Acis & Galatea'

Live-streamed from St Patrick's Hall, Dublin Castle | Tickets: €15 

Peter Whelan | Irish Baroque Orchestra 

Galatea Julia Doyle | Acis Dean Power | Polyphemus Edward Grint | Damon Andrew Gavin

Acis and Galatea was the first of Handel's works presented to Dublin audiences, receiving its first outing in the city in 1734. In Handel's time this would have been even more popular among Dublin concert-goers than his 'Messiah', strange as it is for us to think of it today. The story features the love between the title characters destroyed by the jealous Polyphemus, mirrored by music that takes turns at being joyful and melancholic. For this performance we are delighted to be joined by Julia Doyle and Dean Power in the title roles, with Edward Grint as a devious and envious Polyphemus.

Total running time: 120 minutes (including interval)


We are not able to offer refunds on any ticket purchases made for this event.